Benefit Group LTD Event a Thundering Success


Group Benefits LTD held its Annual Conference on September 10-11, 2014, and it was their first time to work with Markey’s and the Iowa Events Center.  During the consultation process, their planning staff explained that the goal was to create more of an experience for attendees this year, to give impact and support for the theme of “Weathering the Storm.” Markey’s explored the possibilities from a creative standpoint, and the end result was a memorable event for the attendees.

Group Benefits LTD produced a video which contained sound bites from politicians interspersed with lighting flashes and thunderstorm rumbles and crashes to illustrate the tough times currently faced by the health insurance industry.   These were projected on two 9’ x 16’ Stumpfl screens rigged with Christie 12k projectors. This then faded into a sunrise / “dawn of a new day” look, and Markey’s rose to the challenge of extending the feel of the video through both the lighting and audio experience in the room.

At the beginning of the second day, Markey’s Project Manager was able to produce a “thunderstorm” for attendees that literally shook the room and impacted all the senses.  “Lightning” was created through a combination of special programming of Martin MAC 2K Performance & MAC 2K Wash intelligent lights, Light Wave Research AF1000 Strobe Lights and the venue’s LED lights.  “Thunder” was accomplished via JBL VerTec 4880 Double 18” Powered Subwoofers for the extra rumble on the audio end. The following “sunrise” experience was more calming and evoked a feeling of hope. 

Other equipment provided by Markey’s included:


  • Arri 2K lights & Source Four Ellipsoidals for main stage wash.
  • Source Four ellipsoidals for specials/spots.    
  • Whole Hog PC w/ playback and program wing for control of Markeys lights as well as house lighting tie-in.  
  • Blue Velour Drape for Stage Backdrop. 
  • Presonus Live 24Ch Mixing Console
  • (3) Shure UHF Wireless Microphone Kits w/ Countryman Headsets. 
  • Mackie SRM 450 Stage Monitors


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