Clever Camera Work Brings Excitement to FTC North Super Regional Championship


On March 27-28, 2015, the Iowa Events Center hosted the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) North Super Regional Championship, or “Robo Challenge.” This is a fun and high-activity event where teams of young students come together to design a robot within certain parameters. Both the preparation areas and the challenge bouts themselves get very loud and it needs to keep moving, so the ability to have pre-set equipment and be able to activate and deactivate each area on the fly was important. Markey’s was up to the challenge.

There were two simultaneous sets of matches going on (Area A & Area B), with each competition area alternated between their two competition rings with one challenge taking place while the next was set up in the adjacent ring. Two separate sets of bleachers were set up for 500 people in each area and there was a need to show all challenges on two big screens, one screen for each area, as well as provide individual audio support for each.

For IMAG and webstreaming,  a total of (2) Sony HXC-100 HD Cameras on tripods/dollies were used along with (8) Canon Vixia HD cameras, mounted 1’ from ground level using small tripods – two on each competition ring. Markey’s recommended giving the audience “robot eye” views of the activity and provide numerous points of view as student-built robots  (only 18” high) took on a series of robot-sized challenges. 



Projection was accomplished using Christie HD 12K Projectors for the 20’x11.3’ primary screens as well as secondary 12’x6.75’ screen with NEC HD projectors.  The customer then took Markey's two mixed video, audio and video feeds and streamed it on their websites. Lighting and sound support were provided by Markey’s as well.


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