Historic Inauguration for Governor Branstad at Iowa Events Center


On January 16, 2015, Iowa Governor Branstad was sworn into office for an historic sixth term in office. The Inauguration and Inauguration Ball took place in the Iowa Events Center in the Grand Ballroom, with 1800 attending. The Ballroom needed to serve dual purposes:  in the morning it was to be used for an official swearing in ceremony, attended by nationally known political figures as well as being broadcast live on Iowa Public Television. Following a re-set for a sold-out house, next was an evening ball featuring a live orchestra. 

The logistics involved for such differing events in the same day demanded that smooth transitions take place both during set-up and re-set to ensure the pieces would happen in the right sequence. This included rigging of not just projectors and lights but also chandeliers, focusing and refocusing of lights for different stages and red carpets, all done at the same time as the room was being changed over for either the ceremony or the dinner and dance.  Markey’s staff worked closely all through the process with the Iowa Events Center team and decorators to help determine and then execute the plan.

When Governor Branstad took the stage in the evening to greet the guests and announced that this was the “best gala ever,” the team was able to take satisfaction in helping make it happen. For a Governor that has already hosted five galas, that was high praise.

A sampling of the services and equipment included: 

  • Wireless Mics & Podium Microphone for various dignitaries and choir, musical groups and soloists.
  • Live audio feed for event as well as to feed all media, including live broadcast by Iowa Public Television.
  • For the band stage, used for the evening Ball featuring  the Ken Armstrong Orchestra, Markey’s provided (8) JBL 4888 Active Line Array Speakers & (2) JBL VerTec 4880ADP Powered Subwoofers.
  • (2) Christie HD12K Projectors rigged with 21’x11’3” screens.
  • (2) 30’ trusses for rigging of Freeman Chandeliers.  
  • Assorted Source Four ellipsoidals for lighting of State Seal, red carpet walkways, band stage,  choir areas and Color Guard.  We also illuminated the front rows of audience for the Iowa Public Television live broadcast.

Photography Courtesy of www.katiemcdonaldphotography.com


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