Iowa Association of School Boards Annual Meeting - with a Surprise from Markey's


The Iowa Association of School Boards held its 68th Annual Convention at the Iowa Events Center on November 20-21 2013, and this was the 15th year that Markey’s had provided professional audiovisual support for the organization.  With the theme of “Make Every Future Count,” Markey’s provided a scenic backdrop in the ballroom for the General Session to echo the colors of the logo, which was projected back center stage onto a suspended portrait-format screen.   

Two large rigged side screens were used for primary projection of PowerPoints, logos and camera shots, although when needed, the center screen dissolved to a camera shot instead of the logo.  A good example of this was during the unveiling of a student designed website/ mobile app, where the students themselves were seen on the center screen while they demoed their product on the side.  The re-allocation of the screen provided a practical use while the movement and change in presentation format helped keep interest in the activities at the head of the room.

A concert-level sound system was used for the audio program in the ballroom, which included a 70-person high school show choir.  Markey’s also provided pre-production of all pre-recorded audio cues and voice announcements for the conference. There was even a surprise when Tim Cooper, Director of Event Technologies for Markey’s at the Iowa Events Center, was invited by Keynote speaker Kevin Honeycutt to take part in something totally unplanned during the lunch session.  Kevin played electric guitar while Tim accompanied him on drums – played on Kevin’s iPad using the Garage Band software (a software and approach that was actually new to Tim until that morning’s brief sound check!).

In addition to the General Session activities, Markey’s provided support for numerous workshops and breakouts sessions. 

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