Markey's Designs Creative Sound System for Unique Event


Markey’s staff at the Iowa Events Center had an unusual event in HyVee Hall C on June 16-17, 2014:  the Polk County Tax Sale.  This was the 9th year to do this show for the Polk County Treasurer’s Office.  The audience of 1,200 was there to bid on parcels in which taxes had become delinquent, with the revenue paying the unpaid taxes.

Two ground-supported 15’ x 20’ screens with rigged Christie 12k projectors provided a very large display of the different auction parcels. 

Two sound systems were required for this event.  For the first,, the wireless mics and the podium mics were rigged to the JBL Array system for the speakers and the stage monitors.  This technology ensured that the audio would be loud, clear and intelligible, so all potential bidders would not miss the opportunity to hear about the items up for auction.

For the second sound system, 28 Shure UHF wireless mics were selectively and strategically placed on stands throughout the aisles in the audience, relentlessly tested so that no matter who in the audience called out “bid” or “pass,” he or she would be very clearly heard by all.  These mics were run to four Ramsa monitor speakers on the stage so that the officials would not miss a single word.  How did Markey’s manage to get the volume needed from the audience without feedback or distracting background noises also transmitted to the officials? Besides the audio processing rack for EQ, Markey’s used two Presonus Live mixing consoles and applied a noise gate on each channel, so each would remain closed until someone called out “bid” or “pass.”  This double sound system worked really well for the unique sound challenges that this large hall presented, and carpeting the center of the room helped with sound absorption.

The client was very pleased, as this event had taken place in smaller spaces at the facility and these sound challenges were a new wrinkle, but were creatively dealt with by the Markey’s staff.



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