Markey's Projects National Geographic-Quality Photography for Iowa Event


The Iowa Events Center (IEC) recently hosted the Iowa Communications Alliance Annual Meeting & Expo March 4-6, 2014.  This was their first event with Markey’s since their recent merger, but Markey’s staff has had a relationship with this organization for over six years.  

This event had audiovisual needs for five different components, including a General Session, Breakouts, a Vendor Reception, and a Cyber Café.  

Markey’s also provided Voice Over / Pre-conference Audio Production for this group.  This consisted of pre-recorded voice announcements and music bed cues for the presenters, and also included show flow announcements for the Expo and Concourse areas so that the attendees would know about various sessions and special features of the conference. The House sound at IEC offers this flexibility of patching from the General Session room.

Markey's tackled a special project when working with the last Keynote Speaker of the event, Steve Uzzell, internationally known photographer and speaker who has worked extensively with National Geographic magazine among others.  Before the event,Steve and Director of Event Technologies Tim Cooper had an extensive conversation about Steve's projection needs, so that his life’s work would be shown at its best; his past experience as a presenter had taught him that not all venues or audiovisual companies had the ability to meet these needs.  However, after his discussion with Tim, technician Justin McElvaney worked with Steve one-on-one.  Because of these interactions Markey’s was able to utilize both 9’ x 16’ screens and very bright 12,000 lumen Christie HD projectors to ensure perfect image quality and viewing angles for everyone in attendance.  Stage lights and house lights were turned off to provide blackout / movie type conditions as Steve took the audience on a pictorial journey through his life in high definition, presenting his work in the manner that it deserved and allowing the emotional impact captured in the images to be conveyed to the audience!

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